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The next step in creating your character is to decide on what skills you want your character to start with. Keep in mind that you get 16 points to spend now and you get one skill or category per point. After this initial set-up of your character, categories will cost 1,000 experience points (yes, the cost is dear). The cost of skills will depend on your character's stats and the level of the skill.

The first level of any skill is just 100 experience points. Each skill level above that will cost more experience points (500, 1,000, ect.). So, if you want to have a breadth of skills, concentrate on getting all the categories you will need. If your goal is to specialize in a couple of areas, now is your chance to drive up a few skills by several levels. See Rules (Character) for a more detailed explanation.

Click here to select your new Character's beginning skill set.

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