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Power Spells

Spell Name       Level Range Cast Time Duration Area of Effect
Bolt 1 60 ft + 10 ft/level 1 1 round 10 sq ft area
Description: A bolt of energy shoots the target for 1D6 damage per point applied.
Detect Magic 1 60 ft 1 10 ft wide, and up to 60 ft long
Description: Detects magical radiations in a cone 30 ft wide, and up to 60 ft long in the direction he or she is facing.
Explosion 1 30 ft + 10/level 1 0 5 ft radius/point
Description: An explosion occurs at the indicated spot, doing 1D6/point used damage to all in range.
Fire Hand 1 0 1
Description: Fire comes from the caster's hand. Damage is 1D4 per spell point used.
Fireworks 1 60 ft 1 10 ft radius sphere
Description: Fireworks appear at the indicated location.
Force Servant 1 0 1 60 rounds + 10/level 120 ft radius of caster
Description: The Force Servant is an invisible force that can be controlled by the concentration of the caster. For each round of concentration, the force will continue with the same task for an additional round. A series of commands may be given, but when uncontrolled, the force is dispelled. Attack cannot be made, and the force will move up to 20 lbs.
Highlight 1 20ft 1 4' radius
Description: Highlights a creature with light, +2 on all attacks.
Light 1 30 ft 1 10 turns +1 turn/level 20' circle
Description: Light fills indicated area.
Read Magic 1 20 ft 1 1 item/spell
Description: The caster can read one magical writing.
Shield 1 0 1 5 rounds/level
Description: A magical large shield protects the caster; +3 Defense against melee, +6 against missile attacks, bolts automatically stopped.
Shock 1 touch 1 one touch creature touched
Description: If the caster touches a target, the target takes 2D6 damage + 1D6 for each point added.
Write Magic 1 0 1 1 hour/level one magical spell inscription
Description: Write a magic spell, formula, or note.
Break 2 60 ft 1 permanent 1 item
Description: The target object will break in pieces. The object may be up to 1 cubic ft/level
Guard 2 10 ft 1 permanent until expended 10 ft radius
Description: A symbol is placed that will explode for 2D6 per point added.
Stop Sound 2 30 1 10 rounds/level 20' diameter
Description: All sounds stop in the indicated area, sounds will not occur until the end of the spell.
Sun Light 2 60 ft 1 20 rounds = 10/level a point within range
Description: A light equal to full sunlight appears at the indicated location.
Dispel Magic 3 10 ft/level 1 1 item
Description: Removes magic from 1 item. Item will get a save with level modifier.
Lightning 3 0 1 0 line 10 ft wide, 10 ft/points used
Description: A bolt of lightning comes from the casters hand, doing 1D6/point used damage to all in range.
Rise 3 10 ft/level 1 10 rounds/level
Description: The caster can indicate a willing person or an object of no more than 200 pounds and enable it or move it up to 10 ft per round up.
Heat Metal 4 40 ft 1 7 rounds special (item)
Description: The caster can increase the temperature one piece of metal by 40 degrees + 20 degrees/level. The metal must be stationary.
Call Lightning 5 120 ft 10 10 rounds/level 720 ft
Description: The caster can direct the lightning from a nearby cloud. The lightning can be directed away from a location or to a location. Everything within 10 ft of the strike takes 1D8/level damage.
Fly 5 0 1 20 rounds/level 1 person
Description: Target can fly up to running speed during spell duration.
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