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Mental Spells

Spell Name       Level Range Cast Time Duration Area of Effect
Animal Friendship 1 touch 1 60 rounds/level 1 creature
Description: Animal will see caster as not hostile, or as a member of its own pack.
Detect Magic 1 60 ft 1 10 ft wide, and up to 60 ft long
Description: Detects magical radiations in a code 30 ft wide, and up to 60 ft long, in the direction the caster is facing.
Dispel Magic 1 60 ft 1 permanent 30 ft cube
Description: The caster removes all magic from a person or object. The target receives a save with the difference of caster level to dispeller level as a modifier.
Forgotten 1 0 1 one creature
Description: The target will ignore the caster until it makes a save - level difference is modifier.
Luck 1 20 ft 1 10 rounds 20 ft radius
Description: Adds +1 to saving throws and attacks of friendly creatures.
Read Magic 1 20 ft 1 1 item/spell
Description: The caster can read one magical writing.
Sleep 1 30 ft + 20 ft/level 1 1 person/level
Description: Target will fall asleep. Target's saving throws are adjusted by level difference.
Throw Voice 1 10 ft/level; max of 60 ft. 1 2 rounds +1/level Caster
Description: The caster can throw his/her voice to any point within range.
Write Magic 1 0 1 1 hour/level one magical spell inscription
Description: Write a magic spell, formula, or note.
Charm 2 30 ft 1 Until save made
Description: The caster can indicate a target, who if a save is failed will consider the caster a very good friend or superior. Difference in level is modifier to save. Each day is another save. Commands given will modify future checks.
Duplicate 2 0 1 2 rounds/level
Description: Sentient creatures see 1-4 extra copies of the caster.
Human Friendship 2 0 1 1 round/level 1 creature
Description: The human target will see the caster as a known friend.
Illusionary Image 2 1
Description: The caster creates an illusion. If believed, the damage from the image will be believed.
Illusionary Sound 2 20 ft/level 1 2 rounds/level Hearing range
Description: The caster can make a sound appear at the desired location. This sound will continue to the end of the spell without concentration by the caster.
Reveal Lie 2 1 round/level 1 one person
Description: The caster knows if the target is lying.
Reveal Traps 2 30 ft 1 50 rounds 20 sq ft + 5/level
Description: Traps become visible to the caster.
Send Message 2 sight 1 1 creature
Description: The caster can send one mental message of 5 words/level to one target in sight.
Universal Translator 2 touch 1 5 rounds/level caster
Description: The caster can understand a person or writing in an unknown language.
Universal Translator 2 touch 1 5 rounds/level caster
Description: The caster can understand a person or writing in an unknown language.
Written Message 2 0 1 see description see description
Description: The caster writes a message on a surface, and states a condition. When the condition is satisfied, the words are read out loud. The message remains until dispelled.
Commanding Voice 3 1 ft 1 6 rounds 1 creature
Description: Caster can speak to a target creature, which must make a save or obey. Any complication or confusion adds to the save.
Inspiring Song (Chant) 3 0 duration of song
Description: Attacks and saving throws are at +2 for all friendly creatures who can hear the song. Requires concentration.
Paralyze 3 20 ft/level 1 1 target creature
Description: If the target (humanoid or animal) fails a save, they are slowed by the caster level/target level.
Read Thoughts 3 10 ft/level 1 5 rounds/level one creature per cast
Description: The caster can read the thoughts of the target creature.
Reveal Charm 3 1 10 rounds one creature at a time
Description: The caster will see if a person is charmed.
Reveal invisible 3 10 ft/level 1 20 sq ft + 5/level
Description: Invisible objects/people become visible.
See Truly 3 touch 1 1 person
Description: See through disguises and illusion.
Speak With Animals 3 20 ft 1 10 rounds/level one animal
Description: The caster can speak with an animal. Non-cannibalistic species will not attack the caster.
Suspension 3 0 1 30 rounds +10/level
Description: The caster appears dead, but can still hear/see his/her surroundings. If the caster takes any action, the spell is broken.
Confuse 4 40 ft 1 2 rounds/level one creature
Description: Target must make a save to take any action.
Extract Data 4 1 1 person
Description: If save is failed, caster can pull out a specific piece of information from the target (for instance, location of a secret entrance).
Invisibility 4 touch 1 see description creature touched
Description: The target creature is invisible to any humanoid, sentient creature.
Lasting Image 4 1
Description: Image of caster stays in current location - caster side-steps up to 300 ft away.
Remove Memory 4 30 ft 1 permanent 1 target
Description: A memory of an event can be removed from the target's mind.
See History 4 0 10 1 segment/level one item
Description: The caster can get a glimpse of the history of an object, including seeing the object in use, and command words/actions.
Place Memory 5 30 ft 1 permanent 1 target
Description: A memory of an event can be placed into the target's mind.
Read Memories 5 touch 1 1 person
Description: Caster can see the memories of a target creature. Roll for save if creature is hostile towards the caster.
Casting Image 6 1
Description: An image of the caster appears, and can be moved as if it were the caster, spells can be cast from the image.
Mental Control 6 20 ft 1 1 week/level 1 person
Description: If save is failed, target is entirely controlled by the caster. Level difference is modifier. New save each week.
Read Object 6 touch 1 1 object
Description: Caster can see the history of the touched object.
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