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A SteamPunk Role-Playing Game


Game Setting

The Second Epoch

The Second Epoch saw the travel by the humans to the other continents. The travel to the Elvish Continent led to the education of the humans by the elves. It also saw the rise of the first Human Kingdom on the southern continent, which expanded across much of the other two continents, and was marked by the transformation of the Imperial Lords into the Themearch undead lords, pulling the life out the surrounding lands, and creating the southern deserts. The Themearchs were originally lords of provinces and cities, which were believed to be blending Elvish and Human magic. They developed a way to take the life from the creatures and lands around them, and use it to extend their own lives. This ended with the Themearchs extending their lives, and destroying everything around them. As the sources of life literally dried up, the Themearchs extended their rule to portions of the other continents. As they lost power, they withdrew into underground chambers from which they are occasionally still released. As the First Human Empire lost power, a new territory ruled by magicians began to grow in the south of the Southern continent. It had dreams of world conquest, but was suppressed by coalitions of human and powerful elvish magicians. The group was pushed back until the last survivors fled into the hills.

A Roll of the Dice: