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A SteamPunk Role-Playing Game


Game Setting

The First Epoch

The First Epoch had the races on their original continents, with the Elvish Kingdom the most prominent. The Elves see this as the Golden Age. The Elves built wonderful cities, advanced far in magic and spread across the entire continent. The Elvish Kingdom is claimed by some, usually by elf-lovers, that this was the greatest Kingdom in the history of the world. According to the elves, the Humans were divided into thousands of small, wandering tribes, primitive and ignorant. The Elves refused to leave their own continent, believing that they were meant to leave the other continents alone. The glory of the Elvish Kingdom ended with the creation of the Giants, dragons and serpents. According to legend, this occurred when the Elf-King called the earth, the winds, and the seas to come to life and serve him. The Elf Kingdom was crippled by the attacks of the great dragons, and the giants as tall as mountains. During this time, the orcs and other humanoids were created by the giants.

A Roll of the Dice: