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A SteamPunk Role-Playing Game


About the Game:

Ergeonite is a role-playing game similar in type to Dungeons and Dragons, but Ergeonite is set in a later era fantasy world. There are still dwarves and elves, magic and various monsters, but a new form of power has been discovered, which they call ergeonite. Using this ergeonite, the beings in this world are able to create machines and even use the ergeonite to power magical items.

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Game Setting


At this point, the general outline of history and geography is widely known. Whether what is widely known is true or false is not as widely known.

There are three major continents – usually known as the Elvish continent, the Human continent, and the Southern continent. These names come from the belief that the Elves, (and the Dwarves) started on the Elvish continent, the Humans started on the Human continent, and the southern continent is south of the Elvish continent.

Maps of the Outlands

hand-drawn map of the Outlands area


hand-drawn map of Devorem

From the Airship Captain's found log book:

Day 1:

The ship and crew are adequate. A fast search down the western slopes has identified three possible locations, given the depressingly vague description given. A general review of the surveyor’s equipment and personnel showed sufficient preparations have been made. Tadpole has been given the task to report back; it should not be beyond his abilities.

Day 2:

The valley nearest the bend from north to east has been chosen for first search. The northern peaks are similar to the two peaks described, and the shift in direction could be what was described as “The Turn”.

Day 3:

Surveying has begun, and the ship moorings have been established. Magic is strong here. This should be recognized as a good sign.

Note: The very first survey has returned with flakes on the surface, near an old stone pillar, maybe dwarf-work. This is early confirmation of my choice of location for the search.

Day 4:

A pillar was found, and more flakes. There is a report of an old ruin on the north face of the valley. I will check this tomorrow.

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